And the Liebster award goes to…

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A couple of weeks ago, as people around the world put on Oscars parties, I was thinking about another award: the Liebster Award, given to me by Experienced Tutors – thanks!!

I read about the origins of the Award summarised by Experienced Tutors. Turns out, no one can find the first person who gave out this award. Another lost piece of internet history… Interestingly, the original Liebster asked sets of 5 questions. Now it’s 11 questions.

Part 1: the rules

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and link back to the blogger who presented this award to you.

2. Answer the questions from the nominator, list 11 random facts about yourself and create 11 questions for your nominees.

3. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.

4. Copy and Paste the blog award on your blog. (erm, can someone tell me how to do this??)

Part 2: the answers 

Questions from Experienced Tutors – all about blogging

i.        What do you think WordPress should do about cyberstalkers on their site when they receive a complaint?

My first instinct is to say that WP should try to block the stalker from viewing their victim’s blog, but, I imagine it would be difficult to block out someone who isn’t (logged in as) a WP member. There is nothing to stop the stalker from logging on from another computer, another wifi connection or a VPN?

ii.       Do you think we should be able to block individuals from looking at our blog?

See above. I would like to think we can, but technology may not work like that, yet.

iii.      If someone follows your blog do you think it good manners to follow theirs and do so?

At the very least, I visit their blogs regularly. But I try to keep the number of blogs I follow at less than 30. Once you have ticked off David Lebovitz, Smitten Kitchen, etc, this doesn’t leave room for many. But I’m discovering excellent blogs all the time, and can see myself breaking the “30 blogs” rule soon.

v.      Were you pleased or annoyed to receive this award?

Hahaha! I was surprised. I was also a little amused at the “chain letter” nature of the award. But, as Experienced Tutors said, it’s good to make someone happy, so here I am passing it on..

v.       Have you ever blogged with any site other than WordPress?

Nop. First time blogger and only with WP. I thought about Blogger, but didn’t want Mr Google to know everything about me.

vi.      If so, what was your experience?

n/a (I’ve read that WP allows more customisation than Blogger. Not that I’m technologically savvy enough to customise anything, but the illusion of choice is nice)

vii.     Approximately what percentage of posts do you read from blogs you are following?

I read almost all of them. It’s why I follow them. I also browse Freshly Pressed to get out of the food blogging bubble.

viii.    Approximately how long do you spend blogging each day?

It varies. When work gets busy, there is no blogging. On average, less than an hour of writing, maybe 2 hours if you count the time spent baking/cooking, taking photos, and all that.

ix.      How many blogs are you following?

I just counted – 30!

x.       Which is the favourite blog you are following? Don’t say this one just because it’s given you an award. . .(lol)

I have food-related favourites (like Une Gamine Dans La Cuisine), and non-food related favourites (like Christian Mihai).

A long-time favourite, but inactive, blog is  I still go to search its archives for inspiration, or just to read about Swiss cheeses.

xi.      Has eleven of everything on this Liebster Award post been too many? Should it have been the original five?

I think five is more manageable. But eleven isn’t so bad, as long as the readers don’t lose interest (anyone still reading??)

Random facts

1. One of the most memorable experiences I have had is driving through the Chiquitania, Bolivia, visiting its Jesuit churches. Go there – it’s amazing, and the (dirt) roads aren’t as bad as you expect.

2. That said, I spun our rental car on a dirt road in the Chiquitania. There were trees on both sides of the road, the car was airborne, Mr Gander’s life flashed before his eyes … and our Subaru came to a stop after a perfect 180 degree turn.

3. When we travelled through Syria in 2010, we met the son of our Palmyra hotelier. He was studying English literature. I have an English degree. We spent a surreal evening in the garden with the Roman ruins of Palmyra behind us, talking about English novels and his aspirations to study in England.

4. One of my favourite breakfasts was in Agrigento, Sicily. Breakfast delivery was late, so our hotelier gave us a crostata (jam tart) instead. It was glorious – tall, golden pastry, almost inch-thick layer of solid jam. Mmm sugar.

5. It was a local guy in Agrigento who introduced me to Moretti beer. I have heard Agrigento is (was?) a Mafia town, so he may have been a mafioso?

6. My favourite food writers isn’t M.K. Fisher. It’s Andrea Camilleri, who writes the Inspector Montalbano novels. 

7. The first time I made pizza, I didn’t read the full recipe. I got to the line “leave dough to rise for two hours” and despaired. The pizza base was leathery – but Mr Gander said the toppings had potential…

8. In high school, a friend and I co-authored a play about the Russian Revolution. It featured turnips and every character was called Ivan. 

9. When we were last in London, we went to the Globe Theatre and saw Timon of Athens. Now I understand why it is rarely performed compared to other Shakespeares.

10. We have been to La Scala in Milan, as well as the opera house in Buenos Aires (a larger replica of La Scala). It’s one of those bucket list things.

11. I finally went to MONA (Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania) this year. Next, I really want to visit the Beyeler Foundation gallery (near Basel, Switzerland). 

Part 3: the questions

I am in a contrary mood, so I’m going to nominate 5 blogs, write 5 questions and ask for 5 random facts. I think some of the blogs I nominate below have just over 200 followers, but rules are made to be broken. 

I hope they take this as my way of saying how much I like their blogs, but there is no pressure to do anything or to pass it on.

Food and forage Hebrides

The White Ramekins

Hot Pot

The Wordweaver

Yummy Chunklet

Questions for nominees, vaguely inspired by their blogs.

1. Have you ever foraged for food? (if so, any tips?)

2. White dinnerware or patterned ones?

3. What is your essential winter comfort food?

4. Will your magnum opus be a novel, poem or neither?

5. Julia Child or Dorie Greenspan? 

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11 thoughts on “And the Liebster award goes to…

  1. TheWhiteRamekins 10 March 2013 at 11:30 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for the nomination 🙂

  2. Experienced Tutors 11 March 2013 at 4:50 am Reply

    This is great what you have done with the award – it’s is time consuming.

    I will be posting on Wednesday about my thoughts on the awards I received and forwarded.

    No. 4 Copy and paste blog award.
    Okay – here goes.
    i. Copy and paste the award picture from my post into your media gallery. Problems? Try to save picture to your computer – perhaps in pictures. On you blog dashboard find ‘Media’ then ‘Add new’. Then find your upload picture to your gallery.

    ii. Open up your Gallery/Library. Click on picture. Picture enlarges and on right side of screen where it says ‘File URL’ you need to copy that. MAKE SURE you copy all the URL – it will end in jpg.

    iii. Then on your dashboard click on ‘Appearance’ and then click on ‘Widgets’. Slide a widget over to the right side of page where you want it to be.

    iv. Open up that widget and fill in the boxes as follows:
    ‘Widget Title’ put Liebster Aaward
    ‘Image URL’ – past in the url you should have copied into your mouse (point ii. above)
    ‘Caption’ – put Awarded by
    ‘Width and Height’ put 200 for each of those
    ‘Link url (when image is clicked)’ put

    v. Click on ‘Save’ and ‘Close’

    Check your blog – if picture is missing it is because you didn’t copy all of the url – make sure it does end in jpg.

    You did ask!

    I hope it is clear. Please don’t hesitate to get back to me if it isn’t happening.

    I will check out the blogs you recommended.

    • saucygander 11 March 2013 at 8:40 pm Reply

      Ok, thanks! After I finish today’s work, I’ll give HTML a go. Fingers crossed.

  3. Food and Forage Hebrides 11 March 2013 at 9:48 am Reply

    Thank you so much for your nomination, and I enjoyed reading you Q and A’s, and the intro to a few more diverse blogs, Tracey

  4. nina luz 12 March 2013 at 9:25 am Reply

    Award nomination accepted (proudly and happily), and shall be passed on! 😉
    Thank you Saucy Gander – and I can see ‘food talk’ coming up.

    • saucygander 16 March 2013 at 8:51 am Reply

      Great, look forward to food talk and more of your writing.

      • nina luz 28 March 2013 at 10:06 am

        Back in blogosphere… Just getting ready to pass on the Libster – just one thing: does it have to be all English ‘speaking’ bloggers…? I can think of a few non-English blogs I follow who’d deserve one…

      • saucygander 29 March 2013 at 8:40 am

        Of course you can pass the award to non-English blogs! (maybe that should be rule #5) I only wish I was proficient enough to read blogs in other languages.

  5. yummychunklet 14 March 2013 at 3:59 am Reply

    Thank you so much for nominating me! I’m honored, and I like that you have questions for us!

  6. […] explained here in Saucy Gander’s blog, the rules are currently as […]

  7. Ending with a Bang! | Yummy Chunklet 31 December 2013 at 4:46 am Reply

    […] Liebster Awards from Daisy and the Fox, Lucky Red Rabbit, Trending Recipes, Saucy gander, Tasty Treats 13, and Jasline at Foodie Baker awarded me the Liebster […]

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