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Summer holidays, with a bare kitchen

We have been back at work for two weeks. Coming back from a holiday on the south coast of NSW, we slowly settle back into life in the city, our sun tans fade and I finally get that bit of sand out of the beach towel.

There was a ‘quiet gladness’ that comes from being immersed in the sea, sand and surrounding bushland. Here are some photos (some taken with our p+s camera, often with a phone), and two recipes at the end of the post.

backroad 4moruya5

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Shrek on a ute!

Why I like my corner of Sydney:



Recent attempts at making ciabatta on our pizza stone:


Luna park by the sea

After a lazy afternoon, we walked around and through Luna Park, in the throes of Halloween dress-ups and sunshine.


And in the evening, we saw:


only in Newtown...

What more can we ask for from our city?

Hills hoist and beach umbrella

Saturday turned out to be a perfect day for a picnic in our friends’ backyard. The sun took a look from behind some clouds in the morning, but shed this playfulness after midday. One of their treasured possessions was an old beach umbrella from the 1950s, lovingly monogrammed with her grandfather’s initials. The beach umbrella went up over the (still working) hills hoist, and I looked up into a multicoloured sky.


Yep, summer is nearly here.