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Version 2.0, April 2014.

In the past few years, we have been to some fascinating places overseas. Australians seem to be always going overseas. More recently, we’ve taken trips around Australia – Western Australia, Tasmania, and the coastal towns closer to home. And then, there are those moments in daily life that make me laugh out loud or remember again how beautiful Sydney can be.

Here’s an odd assortment of such moments:

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Travel: overseas

Travel: local


Bits and bobs

Travel: overseas

Photos of Germany

Scotland (1): Edinburgh and the castles

Scotland (2): peat bogs and sunset on the beach

Scotland (3): Iona


Middle east: writing about Abu Simbel and Syria


Travel: local

Ode to le weekend

Giving thanks (and a few travel photos)

Blue Mountains before bushfires

Last morning at the summer beach house

Tasmania, in words

Tasmania, in pictures

Western Australia

NSW South Coast

NSW South Coast (2)


Around Sydney

Opera house by night

Sun-drenched Bondi

Poems for New Year’s Eve

Memories of Sydney summer

Aussie as can be: beach umbrella and hills hoist 

Shrek on a ute

Lunar park and Newtown


Writing, bits and bobs

A kitchen in January

A beachside Christmas

Far away and in my kitchen

Rice wine at the Mid-Autumn Festival

French-Vietnamese braised pork

Chocolate sorbet

Abu Simbel and Syria

Baguette and culture



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