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Tasmania (2): mostly in pictures

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We walked through Port Arthur in the rain. I took photos in between rain drops. The sky looked like a watercolour painting, grey bleeding into blue-grey.

port arthur5port arthur8port arthur10port arthur3port arthur12port arthur4port arthur11

In the colonial era houses, I had a little more time to linger around wood panelled rooms, heavy with shadows and history, and graceful with old-time symmetry.

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Tasmania (1): mainly in words

tassie nature

“We have just closed the kitchen.”

It was the Australia Day long weekend, we were in Tasmania. After a day walking around Freycinet national park, we couldn’t find accommodation there. Instead, we stumble into Swansea, a nearby town, at 8.10pm.

The tavern and a restaurant – one of only two – had closed their kitchens (see first paragraph).

At the second restaurant, Salt Shaker, the owner asked us to come back at 8.30pm for the last seating. We did, to find two groups of hungry American travellers ahead of us. The owner looks over their hungry eyes at us, and I say desperately, “we were here first…” Miraculously (it seemed miraculous to me at the time), we were seated (as was the first group of American travellers, but I don’t know if the second group went hungry that night).

A sigh of relief, we settled down to a really excellent dinner, with fresh-as-can-be crayfish, salmon, locally made ice cream. Water front views of Swansea’s bay was lit by a picture perfect 9pm sunset.

We found the best of Tasmania in summer after all.

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