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Multi-tasking macaroons


Do you remember when ‘multi-tasking’ became all the rage at work? The word appeared one day, and the human race has never looked back. Suddenly, it wasn’t enough to do one thing well, we had to be able to do several things at once. You know, like someone playing on their blackberry or iphone while not paying attention in a meeting.



Last week, I used the word ‘multi-tasking’ for macaroons. Let me explain.

At 9pm, I began baking for a morning tea. There will be a couple of people who are gluten-free, and a couple who were observing Passover. Of course, I made macaroons (the American coconut macaroons, with two “o”, rather than the French almond macarons, with one “o”). Something that is gluten free and Passover-compliant*, is a cinch to make, and still gets wows from everyone? Now that’s what I call multi-tasking.


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Fudgiest fudgy brownies (GF)


Of men and brownies

It is a truth universally acknowledged that there are two camps of brownie-eaters: those who prefer cakey brownies, and those who prefer fudgy brownies. I am definitely in the fudgy brownie camp, especially if the fudgy part is ever slightly toothsome (i.e., not too soft or squishy) and comes with a crackly top. Nuts and chocolate chips optional.

This is one of those fudgy-crackly brownies.

The back story

Saturday was Australia Day, when we welcome new Australian citizens, have any number of backyard barbecues, and enjoy a public holiday on Monday. The long weekend was also a perfect opportunity for a trip away to beautiful Tasmania. But, after four nights away from home and eating out in restaurants, we were both hankering for a good home-made meal. I was also hankering for snacks that came from our oven rather than a cafe’s cookie jar.

I baked some super-fudgy brownies on our first proper evening back at home.

I usually take my baking to work, to share the love and the calories. Since a colleague and good friend is gluten-intolerant, I tried a gluten free version of Alice Medrich’s magical brownies recipe, from Gluten-free girl and the chef.

I have been captivated by Alice Medrich’s recipes since I stumbled on her book, Bittersweet, in a chocolate cafe in Canberra. Over the next few months, I went to that cafe every weekend, and lingered over my coffee while reading Medrich’s book. Sadly, that chocolate cafe had to close down when its landlord wanted to renovate the building, but my love affair with Medrich’s chocolate recipes endured. 

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