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One egg, two recipes: lemon curd and fabulous macaroons


*When this post hits the blogosphere, and Fiesta Friday 21, I’ll be travelling. Since internet will be sporadic, I may not see your comments (or visit your blogs) for a while, but look forward to catching up when I’m back!*

Of eggs and introductions

How does one introduce a recipe? I’ve been wondering about this while scribbling up this post. And to double the trouble, how does one introduce two recipes that together use the whole egg? Chronologically? Alphabetically? Punningly?

I’ll go from the outside, starting at the eggwhite, finishing with the egg yolk.

The eggwhite

I’ve posted about the macaroons before, under the moniker ‘multi-tasking macaroons’. But these macaroons weren’t exactly the same. These, made with coconut chips rather than desiccated/shredded coconuts, were so pretty. This time, the coconut flakes looked like brown-tipped wings. The texture was different somehow, chewy in the middle, crispy on the outside, not too sweet, each coconut flake standing to attention. These, dear reader, were what Alice Medrich intended in her recipe.

But I took a shortcut. I mixed the coconut and egg whites, without half-cooking them as Ms Medrich instructs. These were a tad stickier, and maybe took a tad longer to cook, but they worked well with a fraction of the effort.


And then, I dolloped rum-spiked dark chocolate ganache. And finished by sprinkling over flaky sea salt…

These macaroons were ready in about an hour, but they could have been eaten in much, much less time. Especially when I piled a few together and let the chocolate ganache pour over them. That was…well, fun, and decadent.

coconut-macaroons-04 coconut-macaroons-05coconut-macaroons-06 coconut-macaroons-07

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Lemony breakfast and dessert

A house full of citrus curd is a good thing.

Which is, in itself, a good thing. Because after my festival of (free!!) citruses, I had quite a lot of lemon curd and lime and grapefruit curd in the fridge. Mr Gander raised his eyebrows and asked what I was going to do with it all.

I told him citrus curd works in mysterious ways.

First, lemon and lime/grapefruit curd cosied up to our yoghurt at breakfast. Then, there were coconut lemon tartlets. And lastly, lemon curd boogied with double cream in a quick semifreddo.

Lemons for breakfast, elevenses (yes, I was an avid reader of Tolkien) and dessert. Citrus curd gone in a trice. Mysterious indeed.

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