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Lemony breakfast and dessert

A house full of citrus curd is a good thing.

Which is, in itself, a good thing. Because after my festival of (free!!) citruses, I had quite a lot of lemon curd and lime and grapefruit curd in the fridge. Mr Gander raised his eyebrows and asked what I was going to do with it all.

I told him citrus curd works in mysterious ways.

First, lemon and lime/grapefruit curd cosied up to our yoghurt at breakfast. Then, there were coconut lemon tartlets. And lastly, lemon curd boogied with double cream in a quick semifreddo.

Lemons for breakfast, elevenses (yes, I was an avid reader of Tolkien) and dessert. Citrus curd gone in a trice. Mysterious indeed.

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