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“Double happiness” cake

This cake had a good yarn, presentation and tastiness too. It was definitely one of my favourite baking moments this year.

double happiness xmas cake2

The yarn

Two people who were coming to Christmas lunch had got married eloped recently, in a ceremony with only 5 people present (including the celebrant). We were invited to ‘casual drinks’ that evening, which turned out to be their ‘wedding’ drinks. With this in mind, I wanted to give them a ‘wedding cake’ at Christmas lunch – which they were happy to have.

The presentation

This gave me permission to put highly unorthodox cake decorations on the Christmas cake. Other than the fact that I used a red and white colour scheme, it wasn’t Christmassy at all.

The cake had a raised circle of white icing in the middle, which was covered in white holographic glitter and edged with silver cachous (balls). In this circle, I used red-coloured white chocolate to write the characters ‘double happiness’, which is commonly used at Chinese weddings. And outside the circle, I drew abstract-ish patterns vaguely based on traditional Chinese graphics, also using red-coloured white chocolate.

I didn’t get a very elegant, smooth surface on the calligraphy-icing, but I did manage to reproduce some of the characteristics of calligraphy brush strokes. If I do this again, I may use a pattern rather than writing freestyle, as a pattern would ensure the characters were aligned and perfectly proportioned.

Still, it was a fun, light hearted way to celebrate (again) with the recently eloped couple.

And the cake?

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